World Cup 2007 Cricket Tipping
Hello and welcome to the website for cricket tipping for the 2007 World Cup.

Registrations are now open!
Read the details below, and you will find a link where you can sign up :)

What is this competition?
It's a cricket tipping competition. For each match in the World Cup, the aim is to pick the winning team, and the winning margin. At the end of the tournament, the person with the most correct tips and the lowest sum of errors in picking the winning margin wins. This is a free competition, just for fun, so there's no prize except getting your name on this website. Yay! :D

But how do I choose a winning margin since you can win by either runs or wickets?
Good question. You just choose a margin in terms of runs. If the team batting first wins, then it's obvious what to do. But if the team batting second wins. you know the Duckworth/Lewis method used for recalculating targets in rain-affected matches? The same system is used here. If a team wins by X wickets with so many overs to spare, then the winning team's score is projected as if they had batted out the full 50 overs (or however many overs they should have batted for if the game has been shortened). Click here for more information on applying the Duckworth/Lewis method to completed matches.

How do I tip? And how do I view the results?
You must tip through this website. Matches have been grouped into rounds which whilst not official, simplify the tipping process and updating of results. Each team plays one match in a round; it should be noted that rounds may overlap, i.e., the last match in one round is sometimes played at the same time as the first match in the following round. You can only tip before the start of each match as published on the website. Late tips will not be accepted, even if the start of the game is delayed due to rain, or even postponed to the following day. You can tip as many times as you like though only the most recent tip will be counted. If you don't tip, you will not get any points. You will be able to view results on this website within 24 hours of the completion of the last match in each round. You can also see other peoples' tips when the results are published.

How do I read the results?
On the results page, the "actual result" is given for each match. This is the match result as read off a normal scorecard - clicking on the link will take you to the scorecard for that match. The teams are listed in the order that they batted. The length of the innings in overs is assumed to be 50, if not, it is given in brackets. In a rain-affected match, the reduced innings length may also be given, e.g.
Actual result: PAK 132 (45.4), IRE 7/133 (41.4/47)
Read this as: Pakistan batted first and were all out for 132 off 45.4 overs. Ireland's innings was reduced to 47 overs, they reached the target in 41.4 overs and lost 7 wickets.

Ok, cool, sign me up!
Please visit the registration page to enter the competition. Registrations close at the beginning of the first game of the tournament (March 13th). Please note that you cannot change your details once you are registered.

What time zone is used on this website?
Times listed on this website are in Australian Western Daylight Savings Time (UTC+0900) until March 25th, and Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+0800) thereafter. All matches are scheduled to start at 1330 UTC except for matches in Jamaica which will start at 1430 UTC.

There are some fixtures missing!
Yes. The fixtures for the Super Eights and Finals will be posted when the qualifying teams are known.

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