English cricket team

 England cricket team is related to England and Wales in world cricket occasions and one-day cricket matches. Until 1992, the group additionally was related to the Scottish area. Britain and Australia: the principal groups that got the status of test hardware. The board has been playing out this capacity since January 1, 1997, preceding the group was coordinated by the agents of the County Cricket Testing Council, even previously: the “Merileboon” club. In some universal matches that are not preliminary, England played precisely under the name “Merileboon”. The last match of this sort occurred in the 1976/77 season, however until the 1996/97 season; the group occasionally utilized the hues “Marylebone”: red and white.  The Anglo-Welsh Council is committed to raising assets from the clearance of tickets and the rights to communicate matches. In 2006, the pay was £ 77 million.

The specialized accomplice of the group since April 1, 2008 is Adidas. Already, the hardware was given by the Admiral organization to the British. In test matches, England utilizes a white shape with red stripes on the chest and athletic jeans. Polo players have three lions on the left and a patron of the logo, Brit Insurance, on the right. The Adidas logo is appeared one of the sleeves, contingent upon the situation of the player in connection to the cameras. While playing in the field, national group competitors may wear dim blue tops or white caps, which have the logo of the national cricket gathering. The English protective caps are additionally made in dull blue.

In cricket, with a set number of players in the red structure, there is a huge Brit Insurance logo with three remaining Leones and the Adidas logo on the right. Until the start of 2010, the official patron of the group was Vodafone.

England cricket squad: development

Britain is one of the most grounded cricket groups on the planet. In 936 test coordinates, the group got 333 successes (36%), 334 (36%) times that the matches with their cooperation finished with a draw. In 603 ODI recreations, the British won multiple times (49%) in seven diversions played in the draw, twenty amusements did not score. The Twenty20 group played 60 matches, won in half of them, four matches finished without results.

Britain battled with the Australians for the Ashes competition prize in the 1881/82 season, and for eight decades these groups have without a doubt overwhelmed the world field. In 1963, the third cricketer on the planet, the West Indies group, showed up in world cricket. In 1969-2000, England did not win any Caribbean competitor in any arrangement. In 1989-2005, the British indicated comparative outcomes in arrangement with Australia. After the annihilation in a progression of recreations with the New Zealanders, England tumbled to the last spot in the positioning of test hardware. Be that as it may, in 2004, England entered the last of the Champions Trophy, and one year from now won the “Fiery remains”. In 2007, the group couldn’t experience the elimination rounds of the ODI big showdown. In 2010, the British won the big showdown under the Twenty20 tenets, and in 2013 they again acquired the second spot in the Champions Trophy.

Sikh from England cricket team asked grandmother and grandfather to pray for victory of his team in a match against the team of India

After arriving in India, Monti Panezar, the first female player in the Sikh team, called his grandmother and grandfather, who was living here, and asked them to pray for the success of his team in the upcoming match with the Indian team, Webindia123 reports. On the phone from Mumbai, Monty asked her grandmother to pray for his success to God Wacoagura. A Sikh boy who dreamed of becoming a pilot in the country where his parents went, will now speak in the English team, who will play several games with the team of India. Both Hari Singh’s grandfather and his wife, Manjah, do not know much about cricket, but are very happy for the grandson who is in the English team. “We are all the happier that he will be, as we hope, to make his debut in the country of his ancestors,” said Hari Singh.

Granny Manjah Cor does not even intend to be interested in his achievements in the game. The only thing she wants is for her boy to come out well.” I want my grandson to play well, it does not matter who will win,” said Mandu Kor, speaking of his grandson, Madhusudane or Monty, as his friends and relatives are kindly called. Grandma and grandfather, two months ago to bring her son Paramjit Singh (Monty’s father) in England, also told about the persistence of Monty and the hard work that ultimately should now pay off.

As it was, Australia broke England in the first test of the series The Ashes

In the first test of the series The Ashes, which began the game in the Australian Brisbane on Brisbane Cricket Ground, the Australian national team won with an advantage in 381 runs. On the first day of the test the Australians chose to beat off first in the first inning. At one point the England national team had an advantage by admitting 136 crossings of Australia against 6 wickets, but then the Australians recovered, bringing the number of races in the first inning to 295. Brad Haddin, who made 94 wounds from 153 innings, the Englishman – Stuart Broads, knocked out 6 wikis and allowed 81 rivals in 24 rounds. On the Australian submission, the United Russia suffered a complete fiasco, gaining only 136 crossings. Here it is worth noting the bowler of St. Australia Mitchell Johnson knocking out 4 wiketa against 61 runs in 17 overs.

In the second inning, the Australian national team scored 401 runs at 7 wikets and, considering that it would be enough to win – England would need to collect 561 wounds – announced the cessation of its part of the inning. On submission SB Avstralia, the British managed to recruit only 179 crossings. Then the test ended on the fourth day, November 24th. The hero of the whole test was Mitchell Johnson, who knocked out 5 wins in the second inning against 42 English runs. Also worth mentioning are Australians David Warner and Stephen Smith, who scored in the second inning each for more than 100 rallies.

And in the second test of the series The Ashes, Australia played a deal with England. Then the 2nd Test of the Ashes series ended in Adelaide. Australia has not experienced any particular problems this time. The match began at Adelaide Oval Stadium; Australia won the tournament and chose to beat off first. Having captured 570 crossings and lost 9 games in the first inning by the end of the 2nd day of the test, Australian captain Michael Clark announced the completion of his inning, while Clark himself earned 148 runs. In the first inning of England, the hero of the past match Mitchell Johnson broke the wicket captain of the Englishman Alistair Cook in the 3rd overs. And in the future, thanks to the Johnson game, the Englishman was able to earn only 172 runs over 68.2 overs, while on Johnson’s feed seven gates were lost and 40 runs over 17.2 overs, and in the 51st overs, he made a hat-trick, having withdrawn from the game of three repulsive Englishmen.

In the second inning, the Australians did not bother themselves – having lost 3 wickets and tying 132 runs, they completed the third day of the test and announced the completion of their 2nd inning. England’s 2nd innings started just as badly as the previous one – Alistair Cook lost his wicket already in the 2nd round – on the submission of Johnson; the failed ball was caught by Ryan Harris. Nevertheless, English cricketers managed to recruit 312 crossings, which they did not have enough – Australia won with an advantage in 218 crossings. The hero of the test, like last time, was Mitchell Johnson. Australia now leads in a series of 2-0, and already for a long time. The last time that Australians succeeded in far 1937. The next test should begin in Perth.

At the same time, England cricket players apologized for their behavior in the Ash tournament. England cricket players apologized for urinating on the field after winning the Ashes tournament. “Our team wanted to apologize for this act,” the Guardian team reports. We were so pleased with the victory in the tournament that fell into euphoria and could not hold back their emotions. Our actions after winning the “Ashes” were irrelevant. As a team, we respect and honor the principles of the game that we represent.

Famous names in the history of the English team. Cricket player Flintoff won the first fight as a boxer

Famous British cricketer Andrew Flintoff won his first bout in the boxing ring, reports AP. Flintoff defeated 23-year-old American Richard Dawson in a battle that took place at the Manchester Arena. At the same time, Flintoff managed to be knocked down in the second round of the battle. Flintoff decided to end his 15-year-old cricket player in September 2010 due to multiple knee injuries. The Briton was several times recognized as the best cricketer in the world, and in 2005 he became the athlete of the year in the UK according to the BBC.

In addition, there is a fact that then the ex-captain of the England cricket team Andrew Flintoff in November 2012 debuted as a boxer. The first duel of Flintoff is scheduled for November, but he still has not received a license to participate in the battles. “This is a huge challenge for me – perhaps the most interesting one I’ve ever received in my life,” Flintstoff said. “True, preparation took so little time.”

The terrible and unpleasant facts from the history: the leader of the England cricket team beat up visitors to the bar

Ben Stokes, England’s top cricket player, fought near a bar in Bristol. During the scuffle, a 26-year-old athlete beat several bar visitors at once, but he himself was injured after breaking a finger. The police quickly managed to detain Stokes, but he was later allowed to go home before the investigation ended. Note that the England Cricket Federation disqualified Ben Stokes indefinitely. As a result of this, he will miss the series of games between England and Australia, which has been held since 1882.

England national team and its participation in international scandals

The England cricket team officially refused to play the match of the world championship against the Zimbabwe team in the capital Harare. The Cricket Board of England and Wales refused to participate in the match for security reasons. The British also requested the International Cricket Committee to transfer the game from Zimbabwe to South Africa. Then it was not entirely clear whether the International Cricket Committee would relieve the UK team of points, or would be willing to pay compensation that could greatly affect the stability of British cricket. It is also unknown whether the committee will decide to move the game. “The decision on this issue should not be expected in the near future,” said at a press conference Malcolm Speed, chairman of the International Cricket Committee.

Zimbabwe then for some time had a reputation as a tourist paradise, long-standing and strong ties to Britain, but the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, began implementing a land reform, which resulted in white farmers taking their property and distributing their land to black veterans of the war for independence, as a result of what was the famine in the country. The official London tried to point Mugabe to the need to preserve human rights, but in response, sharp criticism was heard. Robert Mugabe said he does not need London teachings. As a result, membership of Zimbabwe in the Commonwealth has been suspended, which includes dozens of former United Kingdom colonies.